Turntable Truck With Pneumatic Wheels

Turntable Truck With Pneumatic Wheels
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Turntable Trucks  TUR002P

Not everything can be mechanised and this Turntable Truck will be an effective aid in the manual handling of products. Proper use of this trolley can help improve productivity and reduce health and safety incidents. 

Fitted with 4  wheels with pneumatic rubber tyres, this Turntable Truck is easily manoeuvrable in and out of confined spaces. It is a very robust, value for money, general purpose trolley and is designed for industrial, retail, agricultural and distribution use in warehouses, transport businesses,  factories, farms and shops. It can be used to safely move many types of bulky or heavy items that are too awkward to carry unaided such as sacks, bags, bottles, boxes, bricks, drums, parcels, spares, metals, tools, machinery…... the list is endless.

Each trolley is given a hard-wearing powder-coated finish in our own powder-coating plant and fitted with a platform made from high quality, very durable, phenolic board which has a  textured surface and can be used inside and out in all weathers.


Castors/Wheels 410 Steel centre, roller bearing, 4 ply pneumatic tyre
Safe Working Load 700kg
Platform/Shelf Height 512 mm
Platform/Shelf Length 1525 mm
Platform/Shelf Width 760 mm
Overall Length 1675mm


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